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Single, If you have not found your soulmate yet, open your eyes between the 16th and 26th; your irresistible charm and your ability to listen will help you break with loneliness. But do not make an unrealistic project just to keep the other, simply content yourself with love and avoid all excess. From the 26th, Venus puts order and love into your exchanges and Jupiter makes you want to commit. In a Relationship, you share the same vision of the future but disagreements could divide you the 19th and 23rd.

Try to open constructive debates that Venus will support from the 26th. Single, Consider the opinion of others so as not to wreak havoc. If you want to be followed, put love instead of anger in the air from the 26th. However, do not abuse this atmosphere, which is favorable to tender effusions by pouring yourself into a romance that is a little too disconnected from reality. During the month for January for the zodiac sign for Gemini: The First Week, The 2nd, you may feel a little limited in your expansion and lack of means 2nd decan to carry out your projects.

So, put all the chances on your side to improve things by thinking well before acting or claiming anything.

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The 4th, 3rd decan, since the end of the year everything rolls smoothly and today you succeed without difficulty to rally the votes around your brilliant ideas and your daring plans. The 6th, the new moon invites you all to think before making your requests. The only way to achieve your goals without frightening those who will finance or support your projects is if they are certain that you will keep your commitments and will not exceed certain limits imposed from up high.

The Second Week, The 8th, 1st decan, if, since November, the cosmos seems to encourage and support your initiatives and favor interesting partnerships, this is not a reason to ask for too much today, where the least we can say is that you will hardly make sense of the limits that are not to be exceeded. Temporarily put your crazy ambitions on the back burner if you do not want to scare investors and agents of power who are likely to promote your progress, but not at any price.

The 11th, 3rd decan, you probably work to transform your associations, to change them and perhaps to orient yourself differently or elsewhere. Take the time to thoroughly examine your underlying motivations and the ins and outs of your projects before you start. The 13th, 2nd decan, if you know how to remain serious and sort out the essential from the superfluous, you will know how to stop the energies that are a little too enthusiastic today.

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This is the only way to use it wisely rather than miss the mark by seeing too far and too wide. The Third Week, The 14th, you enjoy a sharp intuition today, to carry out an ideal that inspires you and you find ways to fulfill a mission that is dear to your heart.

The 18th, a wind of passion is blowing and some projects to launch deliciously together are beginning to take shape a baby perhaps? Why not if you consent from time to time to lift your nose a little and decompress. Your ego and pride are tied up in how you relate to others now. This may be an especially busy time for people who consult or work with clients one-on-one. Until November 25th: Venus graces your solar seventh house during this period. This is a time for extra attention to a partner or significant other, as well as from that person!

You are more inclined to flatter and charm others during this cycle. One-to-one relating appeals to you more than group activities or more casual connections. Smoothing out your close personal relationships is what makes you happy during this cycle. If single, you are more willing than normal to enter into a committed relationship. In general, you are adaptable when it comes to your affections--very willing to compromise, negotiate, and make peace. From November 26th forward: Venus graces your solar eighth house now. During this cycle, a financial boost is possible, or you may gain financially through your partner.

A deep and intimate connection made now could be revitalizing and even healing. You are more inclined to want to smooth over differences in a partnership concerning the sharing of power, intimacy matters, finances, and other emotionally-charged topics. Intimate relationships are intensified now. Either you or your partner want a deeper union.

Mercury is retrograde from October 31st to November 20th: Occurring in your solar sixth house this time, extra care should be exercised when it comes to work, health matters, and daily routines. Re-thinking the suitability of your job is possible now, but you should avoid jumping to any premature decisions.

Work-related mess-ups can frustrate you, or you might need to redo work that you thought was complete.

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However, you might find that the refinements you make now will be very valuable later. Double- check your work before submitting it. It's a fine time for researching health and nutrition programs, as well as job skills and opportunities, but perhaps not the best time for beginning all-new programs.

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It would be wise to be especially clear when it comes to communicating with co-workers and health professionals; or take this time to re-examine issues rather than communicating about them prematurely. All Mercury retrograde cycles particularly affect you in terms of your personal presentation or image to others and communications with family because Mercury rules these areas of your life.

Daily Horoscope Gemini January 16, 2017 ♋️❤️♋️❤️

Because Mercury is your sign's ruler, all of the common Mercury Retrograde issues may apply. Put off making important decisions with regards to family and domestic matters Virgo-ruled for you just now, and take care when it comes to communicating with family members. Mercury is direct from November 20th forward: Mercury continues to transit your solar sixth house.

Daily Horoscopes: October 16, - VICE

This is an excellent cycle for improving your skills, objectively identifying your weaknesses so that you can work on them, and for finding flaws in your work methods or approach to daily activities so that you can make necessary changes. You might be especially focused on list-making and to-do lists, as well as organizing things around you. The need to communicate about your work, health, and other daily affairs, or with co-workers, is especially strong now. Negative expression of this position is worrying about sixth house matters work, health, pets, and so forth rather than finding ways to improve these things.

Until November 18th: Mars continues to energize your solar fifth house. This brings increased energy and enthusiasm to romance, child-rearing, and creative or recreational endeavors. It can also bring some strife to these areas of your world in some cases. For the most part, however, a romance could pick up pace, you are self-motivated and inspired on creative and expressive levels, and your self-confidence is well-received by others during this cycle.

You are more willing to take little risks and you are competitive in a mostly friendly way. In your enthusiasm to take the lead, try to be sensitive to and respectful of others' needs. From November 19th onward: Mars animates and energizes your solar sixth house. You have more energy for work and your daily routines tend to speed up during this transit. Perhaps you have a larger workload than usual. It's a great time to take charge of your health.

You have much energy at your disposal to pick up or step up a health and physical activity program. It might be hard for you to work with others in a harmonious manner during this transit, and disputes with co-workers are possible. If you are feeling especially angry, frustrated, or restless, it would be wise to find little projects and things to do so that you can channel excess energy constructively.

If health is affected, fevers or infections are more likely. See our Time Line Forecast report for a personalized forecast for the year ahead.

FIND out your horoscopes for Tuesday November 12 from Mystic Meg.

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Try Cafe Astrology's in-depth romantic compatibility reports , including the Synastry and Love Ties reports. See also general trends for Gemini in See also detailed Yearly Horoscope for Gemini. All month: The Sun illuminates your solar sixth house. During this cycle, you take more pride in the work you do and in your health routines than any other time of the year.

You are sorting through the experiences of the last several months, separating the worthwhile from the worthless. This is a good time to build your skills, to get organized, and to attend to your health and wellbeing. Read More.

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Gemini's horoscope for January 12222

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